Social Responsibility is an integral part of MSME’s mission. We strongly believe in preparing our students to be sensitive and conscious of social issues and develop a sense of sharing and caring for the communities, society and country at large. We encourage our students and faculty to engage in Social Responsibility projects initiated in cooperation with business organizations, NGOs and local communities. Such projects are incorporated in both the curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

The AU Charity Delivery Club

The AU Charity Delivery Club is an ongoing social project conducted by the students of Management major and faculty members of MSME. The project is a part of the Seminar in Management course with the aim to make students aware of social issues and encourage them to take responsibility. In addition, it also teaches students to apply the management skills to practice in the real life.

Au Charity by MGT department

The main objective of this project is to improve the lives and living conditions of the children and people in Bangkok and provinces across Thailand by establishing a connection between the privileged and less privileged members of the society. The students network with local and multinational firms to raise funds and purchase necessary goods and materials which are delivered to the disadvantaged people as well as children in the orphanages and child care centers. The students strive to create a happy and healthy community by creating better living conditions for the people.