MSME Milestone


MSME, which originated from Assumption Commercial College (ACC), was established to provide business education and support business growth in the country


The Ministry of Education granted approval for the establishment of Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC), which to date is the popular name of the School among the business community in the country


The ABAC Dummy Company was founded as the first Experiential Learning Module in Thailand to provide students with real life and practical business experiences. The project received recognition as 'Best Practice' and is adopted by many universities in Thailand.


ABAC was granted university status by the Ministry of University Affairs. Today, MSME remains the largest School and the flagship program/unit of Assumption University which focuses on core business areas of Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance and Business Information Systems.


Thailand’s first International Business Management Program was established to produce graduates with global business competencies, which are in line with the trend towards internationalization of businesses


The Master program in Supply Chain Management was established as the pioneer program in Thailand in response to the growing market / industry demand in logistics and supply chain


The Industrial Management, Insurance and Real Estate departments were merged with the objective of offering a well-diversified business curriculum. The School now offers the Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in 10 major concentrations of study


Bachelor of Economics in Business Economics was established as the first international program in business economics in Thailand, with the aim to strengthen the curriculum by combining business economics with the core business areas


The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D) program was offered


The Master of Science in Finance and Economics program was established to equip students with in-depth knowledge in a specialized track


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management, which later expanded to Hospitality and Tourism Management, was established to serve the needs of the fast-growing hospitality and tourism sectors


The ACC School of Commerce Cooperative Education Program (       ) was established under the Management Program as Thailand’s first International Cooperative Education Program in Business to help students acquire well-rounded practical business knowledge and industry experience


The Assumption Business Leading Entrepreneurship (ABLE) Center was founded as a business incubator unit to stimulate new business start-ups and strengthen students’ entrepreneurial skills

2015 - present

MSME continues in its endeavor to deliver high quality business education and instill social responsibility, entrepreneurial mindset and global competency in graduates

Origin and Meaning of the MSME Name

Brother Martin de Tours was one in the group of Montfortian Brothers of St. Gabriel invited by the then Bishop of Bangkok to take over and operate a Parish School known as Assumption College in 1901.  The success of the Brothers in this mission encouraged them to stay on and operate more institutions at Primary, Middle, Junior and High School levels.  It is a tradition among the Brothers that the religious novices of their congregations, adopt the name of a senior Brother, and this was the case with Brother Prathip Martin Komolmas who, since the early 1970’s, has been associated as administrator of what was then known as Assumption Business Administration College, ABAC.  In 1979, Brother Martin assumed the Presidency of the College and, until 2002, worked tirelessly to build the institution into  a University with new and expanded facilities at the Suvarnabhumi campus.  Correlated with the history that the first Gabrielite Brother Administrator in Thailand, through his work, was able to extend the educative mission of the Brothers in Thailand, and the fact that Assumption University’s first academic faculty was Business Administration, it was bestowed the name of Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics in 2010, and installed in a brand new faculty building at the Assumption University Suvarnabhumi campus.

The Origin and Meaning of the MSME Logo


The MSME logo has been derived from the Assumption University coat of arms where it has the following symbolism:

"Life-Boat" Symbolized by "The Ship in The Sea"

"The ship in the Sea" symbolizes that we have to keep on struggling and facing different difficulties in the sea of life, just like the ship or the boat that fights stormy wind, steamy sun and rainy sea in order NOT to capsize int he middle of the sea. This should always remind us that "Life is a Struggle" or "To Live is to Struggle" against the problems and difficulties and not to give up. 

In the adaptation, the life boat for the MSME refers to the spirit of industriousness which was espoused by the Ancient Chinese migrants to Thailand. Entering through the Gulf of Siam in the South China sea the migrants strove to reach the Thai shores with their wares, sometimes meager to start life anew through endurance, perseverance and hard work. The implication here is that students should not feel limited or constrained by their intellectual lacking; they should embody the spirit of hard work, thrifty lifestyles and probity of thinking to be able to evolve as capable business leaders of the future.