MSME Academic Advising Guidelines

Objectives of the MSME Academic Advising Sessions

  • To provide guidance and direction for students with the purpose of leading students to graduation.
  • To help students prepare their study plan by following the requirements of their respective curriculum for the upcoming semester.
  • To enhance advisor-student relationship.

MSME Academic Advising Schedule

MSME Academic Advising is organized once a semester as scheduled below:

Semester 1/20xx Tentative Schedule
Appointment Period Last 2 weeks of October
Academic Advising Period November
Semester 2/20xx Tentative Schedule
Appointment Period Last 2 weeks of March
Academic Advising Period April

Responsibilities of Advisees

To complete the advising process, advisees should pursue the following steps:

  1. Check the advisor’s name and office by logging in to AU Spark.
  2. Contact and schedule an appointment with the advisor within the appointment period.
  3. Prepare a study plan before meeting the advisor.
  4. Meet the advisor as scheduled during the academic advising period.
  5. Get ready for the pre-registration period and the payment period as scheduled by Office of the Registrar.

Policy for Changing Advisors

Advisees are allowed to change their advisor. According to the policy, advisees must fill in the petition form in advance to request for advisor change with an acceptable reason and wait for an approval from the Director of MSME Academic Advising. The approval will be effective in the next academic advising period.