Vision, Missions and Values

MSME Vision

To be a distinguished business school with entrepreneurial spirit and international learning environment.

MSME Mission

Educating graduates with entrepreneurial spirit, global competency and social responsibility by:

nurturing business knowledge and skills to develop creative business solutions.
developing communication skills and appreciation of diversity.
fostering ethical awareness to act in the benefit of the society at large.
MSME Core Values

M = Mastery. We have an unwavering commitment to providing quality business education, ample learning opportunities and sound research.

S = Synergy. We – the MSME faculty members – work together on organizing faculty, department, and student activities. Our curriculum structure provides students the opportunity to choose courses across majors, with a class environment where students from diverse majors work together on projects and share knowledge on their respective specialization. We also join together with business industries and local communities to make an impact on society. SYNERGY overall creates a better learning experience and strengthens networks within the school and external sectors.

M = Multi-culture. We embrace the diversity of cultures and have a deep appreciation of how it fosters creativity and enriches learning.

E = Endeavor and endurance. By consistently working hard, we strive to perform at higher and higher levels of our dedication to quality and competence.