Management department offers not only highly diversified courses which are useful and practical in real business setting but also provide learning experiences that develop well-rounded and inter-culturally capable graduates who can make a difference as ethically responsible global citizens. 

Management department offers not only highly diversified courses which are useful and practical in real business setting but also provide learning experiences that develop well-rounded and inter-culturally capable graduates who can make a difference as ethically responsible global citizens. Management department offers business knowledge essential for running a future company of their own or improving an existing family business. Each major course is designed and developed to fulfill today’s business need. For example, a leadership course offers students with different approaches and techniques of how to motivate and inspire people who may have different backgrounds in a company and in various situations. Another example if strategic management course which is the capstone course or a summative course from different disciplines necessary to help a company compete successfully against its rivals. Another reason which makes the department very much sought after is the fact that it has produced many successful alumni into business sectors such as manufacturing, retailing, banking, consulting, and etc. Furthermore, management students have an opportunity to practice what they learn in a real business situation. 

Management – ACCSC Program

Perfect Platform to start Your Entrepreneurial Career The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (Commerce) Program of ACCSC is specially designed for students looking to launch their career as an entrepreneur. Two distinguished institutions, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics (Assumption University) and Assumption Commercial College have joined together to develop BBA program, which has a solid grounding in business administration. ACC School of Commerce’s history is deeply rooted in providing quality, career-oriented education, a proud heritage that dates back to its founding in 1938 as Assumption Commercial College (ACC) .The first institution in Thailand that offering English-instructed commercial education, ACC is reputed for its excellence in instructing students with an effective education to kick start their professional career. Most importantly, the program offers students essentials knowledge and capabilities that will build the right attitude and mindset to effectively fulfill their entrepreneurial role in life. ACCSC under Management major of Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics is the first and still be the only program in AU which offering “Cooperative Education”.

What is “Cooperative Education”?

Cooperative Education (MGT 4945) is designed for students majoring in Management - Commerce concentration. It combines formal academic study with periods of practical work experiences in business organizations. It offers students with defined career objectives the forum to develop expertise and sharpen skill-sets in their management field of study. For students who have not made a career choice, cooperative education provides an opportunity to explore various options. For employers, it produces an opportunity to observe prospective future employees.

The process of course selection has been carefully done with an aim to develop proper business skills.  Also, to enhance a real business practice and its environment, students have an opportunity to join a cooperative education program for the period of four months or the whole semester.  During such time, at a well-recognized company, each student must prove themselves by working with the real business people including operative personnel and executive officers to complete a business project as assigned and closely monitored by the company’s mentor and the school’s advisors.  Furthermore, the students will have a chance to exercise their presentation skill by presenting the completed work directly to the CEO or the company’s owner together with executive officers.  In addition to rigorous courses of study through the entire program, internationally accepted course requirements, and hands-on business experience from highly respected companies, this program has incorporated ethics and corporate social responsibility as its core theme of all courses offered.  Since they are so imperative to gain consumers’ acceptance and earn public trust to ensure today’s business sustainability in the long run.

Emphasizing cooperative as well as entrepreneurship education, the 4-years undergraduate program intentionally sets high academic standards, which helps to develop a strong work ethic and strength of character essential for pursuing an entrepreneurial career path. In keeping with its mission that is dedicated to building entrepreneurial mindsets, ACCSC is created specifically with three principal purposes: 

▪ Nurturing business minds entrepreneurially and professionally

▪ Grooming students to be business successors 

▪ Teaching business, from theory to practice

English :
- Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
- Department of Management (MGT)

ภาษาไทย :
- คณะบริหารธุรกิจ หลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต
- สาขาวิชาการจัดการ

Chaiperson :
Dr. Chanita Jiratchot

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Number of credits 142 Credits

Duration of Study
Students must complete all the requirements for the degree in a maximum of 8 years.

Curriculum Structure

Total number of credits 142 Credits
A. General Education Courses
Language Courses
Social Science Courses
Humanities Courses
Science and Mathematics Courses
B. Specialized Courses
Business Core Courses
Major Required Courses
Concentration Courses
C. Free Elective Courses 9 Credits




Students can select free elective courses of 9 credits from any faculty in Assumption University upon completion of the prerequisites (if any).

Recommended Free Elective Courses for Commerce Concentration
CN 0400 Chinese for Beginners I 3 (3-0-6)
CN 0401 Chinese for Beginners II 3 (3-0-6)
MKT 3515 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 3 (3-0-6)



First and Second Year (Freshmen and Sophomore)
During the freshmen year, all students in Martin de Tours School of Management pursue the same study plan consisting of general education courses and business core courses, which provide them with the basic knowledge on all disciplines in business. The study plan also prepares the students with adequate knowledge to select a concentration that suits his/her ability, background, and preferences.

Third and Fourth Year (Junior and Senior)
During the junior and senior years, students who select the Management Major follow the program as mentioned below:
1. Ten Major Required Courses
2. Five Concentration Courses
Plan A: Major Concentration Courses
Or Plan B: Business Concentration Courses
Or Plan C: Major Elective Courses
3. Three Free Elective Courses

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