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As the first undergraduate business economics program in Thailand, the Department of Business Economics recognizes the social and economic needs and challenges in an era of globalization where a successful manager of tomorrow must be able to carry out sound economic analysis as well as blending a wealth of theoretical tools and practical experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society. Our program has been an innovative force in research, teaching, and corporate social service in supporting economic and social growth, development and sustainability of the globalizing economy over a decade.

Members of the Business Economics faculty have held appointments from other prominent universities in Thailand and abroad, been managers in well-known multinational corporations, held research appointments and fellowships in both government and not-for-profit organizations, and provide consulting services to government agencies and businesses. The Department has shown the highest ratio of international faculty members in Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, and almost all faculty members have some substantial experience in foreign countries, either in their education or professional background.

The recent innovation in our curriculum of two different economic approaches focuses on the diversified needs of the market. While the managerial approach aims to produce graduates who encompass practical economic skills and equipped with sound business decisions abilities, the quantitative approach intends to develop research skills adequate for further studies in the fields of economics and finance. This new development in the curriculum will help cater good opportunities for graduates’ career path in public and private sectors both locally and internationally.

English :

- Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.) in Business Economics

- B.Econ. (Business Economics)

ภาษาไทย :

- คณะบริหารธุรกิจ หลักสูตรเศรษฐศาสตรบัณฑิต

- สาขาวิชาเศรษฐศาสตร์ธุรกิจ


Chairperson :

Dr. Poonyawat Sreesing


Website :

Business Economics (Under Construction)

LMS for Business Economics


Number of credits 144 Credits

Duration of Study

Students must complete all the requirements for the degree in a maximum of 8 years.

Curriculum (TQF2 2016)


Number of credits 141 credits

Duration of study
Students must complete all the requirements for the degree in a maximum of 8 years.

Curriculum structure

Total number of credits 141 credits
A. General education courses
Language courses 
Social science courses 
Humanities courses 
Science and mathematics courses 

Specialized courses
Business core courses
Major required courses 
Major elective courses 
Business concentration courses



C. Free elective courses 6 credits

A. General education courses

B. Specialized courses


C. Free elective courses**

Students can take free elective courses of 6 credits from any faculty in Assumption University upon completion of the prerequisites (if any). However, they are certain courses that the Martin De Tours School of Management and Economics does not allow the students to enroll as follows:

Subject code Subject name
BG 1112 or GE 1202 or General Psychology
GE 1207 Fundamental Psychology
BG 1203 Fundamentals of Statistics
BG 1402 or Business, Society and Government
GE 1203 Society, Politics and Economics
ECO 2220 Introduction to Economics
ECO 2531 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2541 Principles of Macroeconomics
GE 1101 Thai Civilization
GE 1203 Society, Politics and Economics
GE 1404 Thai Culture and Tradition (For Comm.Arts Students only) = BG1405 Thai Language and Culture
PC 3803 or PC 3311 or Personality and Social Interactive
PC 3311 Acting for Personality/Social Interaction
ACT 1601 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (For Arts Students)
ACT 1602 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (For Science and Technology Students)
Subject with 1 or 2 credits  
GS 1000 Use of Library
MA 1101 Applied Composition I

 **  For​ updated​ annoucement​s​ about​ free​ elective​ courses​ click  this​ link​.

Study plans

First and Second Year (Freshmen and Sophomore)

During the freshmen year, all students in Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics pursues the same study plan consisting of general education courses and business core courses, which provide them with the basic knowledge on all the disciplines in business. The study plan also prepares the students with adequate knowledge to select a concentration that suits his/her ability, background, and preferences.

Third and Fourth Years (Junior and Senior)

During the junior and senior years, Business Economics students follow the program of studies:

1. Ten Major Required Courses

2. Four Major Elective Courses

3. Five Business Concentration Courses

4. Three Free Elective Courses

Plan A: Managerial Economics

Plan B: Quantitative Economics

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