BG 1001          English I (3 Credits)

Lower intermediate academic English, with activities to foster reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English through communicative activities in a meaningful academic context. Prerequisite: BG 0002 Basic English II


BG 1002          English II (3 Credits)

Intermediate academic English, reinforcing fluency and grammar with task-driven oral and writing exercises, developing vocabulary and sentence writing skills with combined reading comprehension exercises and writing practice. Prerequisite: BG 1001 English I


BG 1200          Mathematics for Business (3 Credits)

The study of algebraic operations and processes such as polynomials, exponents and radicals, linear equations, quadratic equations, logarithmic equations. A business-oriented course involving differential calculus. It covers differential calculus: functions, limits, derivatives, optimization, single variable business and economic models.


BG 1201          Statistics I (3 Credits)

Descriptive statistics, probability theory and inferential statistics, summarizing of data in tables and graphs, computation of descriptive statistics, rules of probability, probability distributions, confidence interval estimate of population parameters, and hypothesis testing


BG 1400          Business Law I (Civil & Commercial) (3 Credits)

This course is intended to give students an introduction to the general principles of the civil and commercial laws of Thailand, beginning from the fundamental principles of law to sources, definition, juristic relationship between persons, nature, interpretation, application and cancellation of laws including the system and administration of the courts. Further lectures deal in general principles of person, types of persons, capacity of persons, things/property (movable and immovable) juristic acts, wrongful acts, obligations and prescriptions of claims. Specific contracts and practice which are common in commercial transactions such as sale, exchanges, gift, hire/purchase of property, hire of service, hire of work, carriage, loan, deposit, surety ship, mortgage, pledge, agency, brokerage, insurance and bills will also be dealt with as far as they are necessary to give the students an insight into these matters.


BG 1401          Business Law II (Partnership & Company) (3 Credits)

This course is in continuation of the basic knowledge of BG 1400 and is aimed at giving students specific knowledge of laws concerning partnership and companies. The lectures will deal with general provisions, definitions, rights and duties, relationship among those who are partners, shareholders and third persons, the procedure for formation of such juristic persons, their management audit, increase and reduction of capital, debentures, dissolution and liquidation. The relationship of such juristic persons (partnership and company) in dealing with banks involving promissory notes, bills of exchange, checks and other negotiable instruments and mercantile documents will also be introduced. Prerequisite: BG 1400 Business Law I


BG 2000          English III (3 Credits)

Advanced English for academic and career purposes, emphasizing organization of ideas and clarity of expression and understanding. Prerequisite: BG 1002 English II


BG 2001          English IV (3 Credits)

Advanced English for academic and career purposes, emphasizing critical and analytical skills, and formulating logical and coherent opinions. Prerequisite: BG 2000 English III


BG 2200          Statistics II (3 Credits)

A continuation from Statistics I: Chi-square, non parametric, index number, regression and correlation analysis of time series with application of statistical methods to industrial and business problems, and SPSS. Prerequisite: BG 1201 Statistics I


BG 2400          Macroeconomics (3 Credits)

The objective of this course is to give students an overall picture of economic systems. A study of the relationship between micro-economics and macro-economics will be starting point. However, emphases of this course are on the following: theories and methods of measurement of output and national income; saving and investment; government expenditure; balances of trade and payment as well as various economic problems and their solutions: inflation, deflation, unemployment, business cycles. The subject also covers the importance and role of macroeconomics in basic economic development.


BG 2401          Microeconomics (3 Credits)

A study of micro-economics as it is related to macro-economics as well as other fields of studies. This course will cover pricing mechanism, demand and supply, consumption, behavior and consumption and patterns of individual, organization, industry and economy as a whole; utility theory, indifference curve analysis, law if diminishing return, theory of production and its costs, types of market structure in economic system, theory of factor price: wage, rent, interest and profits.

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