FIN 2700         Money, Banking and Financial Markets (3 Credits)

Principles of money, financial system, financial intermediaries, financial markets, interest rate determination, money supply and the impacts of monetary and fiscal policies on money supply, financial statements analysis, pricing of debt instruments, time value of money, foreign exchange system, banking products and services, application of principles of finance on the money management including financial planning, personal investment, budgeting, tax planning, credit management, insurance protection, and retirement planning. Prerequisite: BG 1200 Mathematics for Business


FIN 3701         Corporate Finance (3 Credits)

Introduction to corporate financial management and comprehensive overview from managerial perspectives, theories related to the corporate investment, financing options and decision making, time value of money, securities valuation, analysis of financial statement, cash flow and leverage, working capital management, cost of capital, capital structure, and capital budgeting for corporation. Prerequisite: FIN 2700 Money, Banking and Financial Markets


FIN 3711         Investment (3 Credits)

Fundamental knowledge of investment: definitions, theories, implementations, and decision making in the financial markets including philosophical basis of investment principles, risk and expected return relationship, company and securities analysis, valuation frameworks and methodologies, portfolio management theory, portfolio management and analysis, capital market theory, capital market efficiency, fixed income valuation, and introduction to derivative securities. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3713         Business Analysis and Valuation (3 Credits)

Financial statements as a framework for business analysis by applying integrating the concepts of accounting, economics and business perspectives to examine the companies’ performance, value the companies, and evaluate the potential investment opportunity in order to make sound business decisions. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3714 Business Condition Analysis (3 Credits)

Understanding of the working of macro-economy that crucially affects business activities such as production, consumption and investment by using tools of macroeconomic theory and applying them to an analysis of the changes in economic environment that caused by economic growth, business cycle, unemployment, inflation, aggregate demand and aggregate supply, national income, money supply, interest rate, international trade and exchange rate in order to understand the impacts of government’s and the Central Bank’s policies on industry, financial market, economy and business environment. Prerequisite: BG 2400 Macroeconomics


FIN 3715         Personal Finance (3 Credits)

Conceptual framework for making personal financial planning, management and decision, available techniques and tools, importance of personal finance, personal income, spending and budgeting, money management, wealth management, debt management, risk management, credit management, taxes implications, basic investment techniques, investment planning and strategies (saving, credit and debt instruments, life and property insurance, mutual funds, retirement, housing and automobile decision, consumer credits, etc.), consumer financial responsibilities, and current issues in personal finance. Prerequisite: FIN 2700 Money, Banking and Financial Markets OR ECO 3713 Economics of Money and Banking


FIN  3716        Export-Import Procedure and Financing (3 Credits)

Institutional arrangements, methods, and techniques used to finance international trade with special emphasis on export-import financing within Thailand, government’s and financial institutions’ rules, regulations and services, financial markets for export-import financing instruments, risk-return aspects of international trades, insurance needs, use of letters of credits, international factoring, accounts receivable insurance, other financing techniques, required export-import documentation, export-import rules and regulations and pertinent customs procedures and practices. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3723         Central Banking System and Policy (3 Credits)

Basic principles and practical implementation of the Central banking, functioning of the financial markets in an attempt to better understand the monetary policy transmission and how the Central bank’s operations affect financial institutions and economic system of the country, causes and management of banking crises with emphasis on policies designed to prevent them, such as   capital adequacy regulations, deposit insurance, and lender of last resort function of the Central banks. Prerequisite: FIN 2700 Money, Banking and Financial Markets OR ECO 3713 Economics of Money and Banking


FIN 3724         Financial Feasibility Planning (3 Credits)

Theories with practice to assess structure, procedures and data of an investment project in order to evaluate its feasibility, investment opportunities, relationship between financial feasibility and other related factors: economic feasibility, marketing situations, and legal framework in making investment decision. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3725         Managerial Economics (3 Credits)

Application of economic theories, methodologies and analysis to develop essential tools for making optimal decision, demand-supply analysis and estimation, production and cost analysis under different market structures, forecasting, competitive analysis, game theory, and decision making under uncertainty. Prerequisites: BG 2400 Macroeconomics AND BG 2401 Microeconomics


FIN 3726         Financial Statement Analysis (3 Credits)

Principles, concepts, analytical process and techniques employed in interpretation and analysis of financial statements in assessing a firm’s performance, prospects and value in order to make business decision, comprehensive analysis of financing activities, investing activities, operating activities, cash flows, return on invested capital, profitability, prospective financial statements, and credit. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3727         Real Estate Investment Analysis and Valuation (3 Credits)

Real estate valuation, real estate investment, portfolio management, legal aspects of real estate, discounted cash flow, common real estate valuation models, appraisal of real estate development projects, choices of discount rate, risk and return, analysis of risk-return characteristics of commercial real estate, construction of real estate portfolios, diversification in real estate, efficiency of real estate market and its inflation hedging characteristics, real estate portfolio strategies, and performance measurement. Prerequisite:  FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3728         Fixed Income Securities (3 Credits)

Fixed income instruments and fixed income markets such as technical terms used in the industry, properties of different types of fixed income securities, assessment of value of instruments, techniques used to analyze the market, assessment and control of risk, methods to evaluate direction of changes in interest rates and impact of changes in interest rates on pricing, hedging of forwards, futures and swaps, asset-backed securities, and other fixed income derivatives leading to construction of fixed income investment strategies to achieve  expected return on investment. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3733         Institutional Banking for Emerging Markets (3 Credits)

Characteristics and functions of institutional banking in emerging markets including financial system, products, market factors, legal issues, and risk management of institutional banking, crisis, culture risk and country risk of emerging countries, micro finance, commodity finance, problems encountered in the emerging markets and solutions to the problems, current issues regarding institutional banking in emerging markets, and global banking cases applied to facilitate the understanding of new practices and techniques. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 3734         Financial Mathematics (3 Credits)

Basic calculus for applications in finance and economics, brief review of polynomials, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions, discussion of derivatives, integration and differential equations as well as applications to real-world problem areas such as marginal analysis, growth and decay, asset-pricing models, and optimization. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 4721         Laws and Practices in Finance (3 Credits)

Legal guide to the application of Thai laws, rules, and regulations to finance industry, focusing on financial institutions laws regulated by the Bank of Thailand (BOT) such as capital requirement, liquidity requirement, and deposit guarantee scheme as well as capital market laws regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) such as issuance of securities, public offering of securities, takeover, to starting a securities businesses and derivatives businesses in Thailand. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 4811         Risk Management (3 Credits)

Financial and non-financial risks framework including concepts, process and practical application containing analytical techniques in identifying, quantifying, assessing, controlling risk and making risk management decision; financial risks including credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk, regarding equity, bond, interest rate, currency, and derivative instruments as well as non-financial risks such as business risk, operational risk, policy risk, legal risk, and reputational risk. Prerequisite: FIN 3711 Investment


FIN 4812         International Finance (3 Credits)

International finance and financial environment focusing on the managerial aspects of international financial management from the MNCs’ perspectives, international financial markets, foreign exchange markets, exchange rate determinations, policies and strategies adopted by MNCs in assessing, planning and managing their foreign exchange rate risk exposures, and international financing, and capital structure decision. Prerequisites: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance AND completion of 106 credits


FIN 4813         Financial Management (3 Credits)

Advanced financial management with emphasis on practical application and case-study approach to strategically evaluate the performance of corporations and create value for shareholders, financial planning and forecasting, cash budgeting, capital structure, capital budgeting, cost of capital, firm valuation, dividend policies, working capital management, and corporate risk management. Prerequisites: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance AND completion of 100 credits


FIN 4815         Bank Management (3 Credits)

Management and regulations of commercial banks, essential elements in the process of commercial bank management; assets, liabilities and capital management, liquidity management, credit management, risk management, international banking regulatory standards, organization and structure of the commercial banking industry, impact of bank regulatory changes, and current issues on the banking industry. Prerequisite: FIN 3713 Business Analysis and Valuation


FIN 4817         Portfolio Management and Security Analysis (3 Credits)

Portfolio management, theories and models in terms of security analysis, portfolio construction, performance and monitoring, simplified portfolio selection process, optimum portfolio and selection process, investment timing, focusing on analytical techniques through economic, industry and business analysis. Prerequisite: FIN 3711 Investment


FIN 4818         Seminar in Investment (3 Credits)

Contemporary investment instruments regarding equity investment, fixed income instruments, mutual fund and derivatives investment, theories or definition to acknowledge various types of investment products and their importance in the financial markets by applying case studies. Student will attend seminars organized by Stock Exchange of Thailand: SET and Thailand Securities Institute: TSI as well as share experience with distinguish guest lecturers (executive level) from various fields of business and research. Prerequisite: Senior standing - 121 credits


FIN 4819         Contemporary Issues in Finance (3 Credits)

Contemporary issues in finance and applying theories into real world practices regarding corporate governance, venture capital, merger and acquisition, financial law, business sustainability, investment banking, simulation, wealth management, financial planning, microfinance, and Islamic bank. Prerequisites: Department approval AND Senior standing - 121 credits


FIN 4821         Behavioral Finance (3 Credits)

How individuals and firms make financial decisions and how these decisions might deviate from those predicted by traditional financial or economics theories, existence of psychological biases in financial decision-making, examination of the impacts of these biases on the financial markets and other financial settings, investigation of how insights of behavioral finance complement traditional finance paradigm, limited arbitrage, style investing, stock valuation, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and risk management. Prerequisites: MGT 2404 Managerial Psychology AND FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 4822         Individual Research (3 Credits)

Individual research by applying theoretical financial concepts and theories to real world problems of an organization in a selected industry in Thailand, with a specific area of concentration selected by students upon the agreement of a supervisor assigned by the Finance and Banking Department and a submission of a typewritten report and analysis at the end of the semester. Prerequisites:   Department approval AND Senior standing - Finance and Banking Major


FIN 4832         Entrepreneurial Finance (3 Credits)

Venture capital, financing new or small and medium sized enterprises including techniques for forecasting and planning the firm’s investment needs, identifying and valuing business opportunities, sources of capital and characteristics, credits and banking relationship, working capital management, assets investment, risk management, business planning, structuring deals, and managing through multiple stages of financing. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 4833         Wealth Management (3 Credits)

Wealth management by using practical portfolio construction and management, life cycle wealth management, purpose and structure of financial services industry and economic factors that affect investment returns, basis relationship between adviser and client and codes of conduct governing business dealings, process of giving financial advice, importance of regular reviews of a client’s circumstances, asset allocation and management, financial assets and markets, investment funds and planning, valuation and risk management, retirement and protection planning, real estate, alternative investment products and tax planning. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


FIN 4911         Quantitative Analysis for Financial Decision (3 Credits)

Modern quantitative methods including statistical and financial techniques and mathematical models including the concept of financial econometric for analyzing financial data supporting financial decision-making, and testing the models of how financial markets operate and address the relationship among various existing factors that can lead to empirical facts in order to support financial decision-making. Prerequisite: FIN 3711 Investment


FIN 4922         Derivatives Securities (3 Credits)

Types of derivative securities, mechanics of their markets, their application for hedging and/or speculation, and their valuation, basic modeling techniques for stock prices and other underlying assets which can be used for valuation of plain derivatives such as forwards, futures, options, and swaps in an arbitrage-less market, practical issues of derivatives trading, valuation, and risk management, and specialized derivatives like exotic options, credit, weather, energy, and other derivatives. Prerequisite: FIN 3711 Investment


FIN 4923         Advanced Valuation (3 Credits)

Advanced valuation and practical manner by advanced valuation technologies to approximate the market estimate of a firm’s assets and equity, complex comparative valuation measurement, theories and applications for appropriate models to support the valuation analysis, sources of return decomposition, real options valuation theories and practices, intangible assets and small firm valuation, taxation, mergers and acquisitions issues valuation, comparative valuation, and private equity. Prerequisite: FIN 3713 Business Analysis and Valuation



FIN 4924         Advanced Financial Management (3 Credits)

Advanced financial management, role and responsibility towards stakeholders, capital structure and dividend policy of the firm, advanced financial analysis and planning, advanced investment valuation and decisions making for firm, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reconstruction and reorganization, evaluation of alternative advanced international finance, advanced risk management techniques, and identification and assessment of potential impact of emerging issues regarding finance and financial management. Prerequisite: FIN 4813 Financial management



FIN 4925         Introduction to Modeling (3 Credits)

Financial modeling applicable to business solutions, development and implementation of financial models in making financial decision, use of appropriated software (Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel and R) in handling complicate financial modeling and large data to simulate and analyze stock price and return, portfolio optimization, fitting and forecasting technique with time series data, and MCMC method for finance. Prerequisite: FIN 4911 Quantitative Analysis for Financial Decision


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