IDM 3200        Quantitative Analysis (3 Credits)

Probability concepts, forecasting, mathematical decision making techniques, normal distribution theory, decision trees, game theory, simplex method, simulation, and linear programming. Prerequisites:  BG 2200 Statistics II AND MGT 3905 Operations Management


IDM 3202        Motion and Time Study (3 Credits)

A study and analysis of work methods, determination of standard time required for production activities, measurement and improvement of productivity, work sampling, identification of alternatives, and incentive systems. Prerequisite: BG 2200 Statistics II AND MGT 3905 Operations Management


IDM 3203        Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)

Logistics system, logistics collaboration, tools and techniques for logistical analysis, trade-off between cost and service level, logistic functions, customer accommodation strategies, procurement strategies, manufacturing strategies, logistical strategies and operations, order processing, inventory, transportation, warehousing, network design, and logistical performance measurement. Prerequisites: MGT 3905 Operations Management AND MKT 2280 Principles of Marketing


IDM 3204        Industrial Safety and Risk Management (3 Credits)

Principles of risk management and its process, methods of handling risks especially loss prevention,   how to manage safety procedures and how safety cultures can be built and established among organizational members, how safety can lead to cost reduction, productivity and efficiency improvement for the company as a whole. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


IDM 3306        Warehousing and Material Handling (3 Credits)

Warehousing operations and systems, warehousing pallet, case, and small items storage and retrieving systems, operations, order profile, functional analysis, layout, resources, and warehousing development system. Prerequisite: IDM 3203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management


IDM 3307         Transportation and Distribution Management (3 Credits)

Transportation modes selection and management system, transportation routing analysis and management, microanalysis of logistics and transportation services, distribution operations, transportation costing, distribution networks management, intermodal transportation and transportation mode interface. Prerequisite: IDM 3203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management  


IDM 3308         Supply Chain Relationship Management (3 Credits)

Introduction to relationship management for both customers and suppliers aspects, customer relationship management focusing on its application in marketing and sales strategies, data management and customer data development, organization and CRM, supplier relationship management covering the scope, structure of strategic relationships, selecting and evaluating alliance potential, and incorporating supplier alliances into organization, and leading industrial practices on collaborative relationship  e.g. Continuous Replenishment Program. Prerequisite: IDM 3203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management


IDM 3402          Facility Management (3 Credits)

Layout management, maintenance management, material flow design and control, total productive maintenance, space and work flow allocation and design, layout setup consideration, site selection, basic installments, and rule and regulations. Prerequisite: IDM 3203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management


IDM 3403         Industrial Engineering Management (3 Credits)

Management of engineering aspects of an operation, concept of re-engineering of process and product, application of time motion study, machinery utilization, development of work structure, work flow, and work calculation from engineering standpoint. Prerequisite: IDM 3200 Quantitative Analysis


IDM 4201        Manufacturing Planning and Control (3 Credits)

Production systems, materials planning and control, production aspects, market demand management, functional linkages, determination of production schedule and dispatching, production control system, implementation, and inventory management. Prerequisites: IDM 3200 Quantitative Analysis AND MGT 3905 Operations Management


IDM 4202        Production Costing and Budgeting (3 Credits)

A study of cost accounting approaches, job order costing, process cost accounting and activity-based costing (ABC), production cost planning & controlling by budgeting and responsibility accounting, evaluation of manufacturing performance through standard costs and financial statement analysis techniques. Prerequisite:   ACT 2620 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting


IDM 4203        Quality Management (3 Credits)

A study of principles and practices on quality management during production process, application of techniques in quality control, quality audit, the relationship between quality control and natural resources-and energy saving. Emphasis on ISO9000 series, which increase efficiency and effectiveness in Industrial business. Prerequisite: MGT 3905 Operations Management


IDM 4206        Industrial Environmental Management (3 Credits)

This course covers the basic concepts of environmental studies. Topics include water system, water supply, waste- water treatment, air quality, meteorology and natural purification process, engineering system for air pollution control, solid waste control and management, and ISO 14000. Prerequisite: GE 1301 Environmental Science


IDM 4207        Internship in Industrial Management (3 Credits)

In final semester at the college, a student may arrange for an Internship Program with an industrial company for not less than 300 hours of work. Weekly progress reports and approved by the student’s immediate supervisor must be submitted. A report submission and final presentation must be given. Prerequisite: Consent of the Department Chairperson


IDM 4301        Information Technology in Supply Chain (3 Credits)

The course introduces students to the conceptual and practical issues in information systems to aid in decision- making in industry. It covers information technology for resource planning and scheduling: ERP, CRP, APS, RFID, and Inventory Management. It explores supply chain decision support system in such areas as Demand Planning, Logistics Network Design, Inventory Deployment, Sales & Marketing Region Assignment, DRP, MRP, Production Location Assignment, Fleet Planning, Lead Time Quotation, Production Scheduling, Workforce Scheduling, etc. Prerequisites: BIS 2180 Information Technology AND IDM 3203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management AND IDM 4201 Manufacturing Planning and Control


IDM 4302        Industrial Strategic Management (3 Credits)

Definition and different levels of strategies, environmental analysis techniques, analysis of organizational current strategies and resources as well as capabilities, strategy selection model, strategy implementation plan and control. Prerequisite: IDM 4208 Project Analysis and Management


IDM 4401        Technology and Innovation Management (3 Credits)

Technology introduction process, research and development control and management, technological change and company’s manufacturing strategy, product/process/technology life cycle, innovation process generation and implementation. Prerequisite: IDM 4203 Quality Management


IDM 4501        Seminar in Industrial Management (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive study of all aspects of industry: conditions, problems and solutions. Potential growth of industrial business and ways to develop industry are also covered. Course involves class discussion, guest speakers, research and presentation. Prerequisite: Senior Standing (Industrial Management Major) OR Approval of the lecturer



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