IBM 2702        International Business Environment  (3 Credits)

The course is an introduction to the global business environment focusing on the economics, social-cultural, political, regulatory and legal dimensions of the international business environment. International business theories, global business environment, FDI, trade policies, institutional arrangements, and government business relationships are examined. The objective of the course is to provide the students a global perspective and to make them aware of challenges and opportunities in the competitive business environment. Prerequisite: BG 2401 Microeconomics


IBM 3642        International Buyer Behavior (3 Credits)

Methods of how industrial and consumer goods are marketed to international buyers and the strategic process of segmentation, targeting and positioning, international buyer behavior models and decision making schemes, variables in addition to culture that affect international buyers’ purchase behaviors, cognitive, affective and co-native responses of industrial and consumer buyers from other countries in various contexts such as in trade shows, advertising effects, promotional incentives, direct marketing and e-commerce. Prerequisites: MGT 2404 Managerial Psychology AND MKT 2280 Principles of Marketing


IBM 3643        International Marketing Communications (3 Credits)

Global and domestic cultural diversity and their impact on IMC strategy development, values, behaviors, and underlying assumptions related to verbal and visual communication strategies, the debate surrounding standardization versus localization of worldwide marketing communications campaigns, case studies of IMC campaigns directed to culturally specific domestic and international audiences. Prerequisite: MKT 2280 Principles of Marketing


IBM 3711        Comparative Management (3 Credits)

Differences and similarities of managerial systems and management practices in different cultural settings, definitions and concepts of culture, cultural differences at the national, organizational and managerial levels, regional and country cultural characteristics, complexities and challenges of running global organizations. Prerequisite: IBM 2702 International Business Environment


IBM 3713        International Management (3 Credits)

International Management is concerned with management of assets and operations beyond the borders of one’s home country. This course focuses on managers’ fundamental responsibilities for planning, organizing, leading and controlling firms’ activities across cultures. Prerequisite: IBM 3711 Comparative Management


IBM 3714        Export-Import Policy and Strategy (3 Credits)

This course covers the issues involved in developing comprehensive export/import strategies at the national, sector, and firm levels. Topics include government institutions and their roles in balancing exports and imports among sectors; the strategic use of export-import organizations to promote economic and competitive advantages; procedures and practices of export-import financing, documentation, export/import compliance, export/import channels, foreign trade zones, and transportation modes. Prerequisite: IBM 2702 International Business Environment


IBM 3722        Legal and Ethical Issues in International Business (3 Credits)

General legal and ethical aspects involved in international business environment focusing on legal aspects of international trade, international contracts, foreign investments and ethical issues across border. Prerequisite: IBM 2702 International Business Environment


IBM 3723        International Relations (3 Credits)

Fundamental principles, issues, conflicts and resolutions in international relations, and international organizations such as the United Nation, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank that govern international relations and its effect on business. Prerequisite: IBM 2702 International Business Environment


IBM 3841         International Pricing Strategy (3 Credits)

Strategic and tactical aspects of pricing decisions in international context through both qualitative (consumer behavior and psychology) and quantitative (economics and statistics) analyses, application of pricing theory, factors affecting pricing of goods and services in the global market, the influences of both domestic and international competition on pricing structures, across product lines and customer segments, pricing implications in trade negotiations, export-pricing strategies, transfer pricing issues, and buyer arbitrate affects. Prerequisite: MKT 3620 Global Marketing                                                  


IBM 4711        International Human Resource Management (3 Credits)

This course covers the approaches to managing people in an international context and the variables that moderate differences between domestic and international human resource management. Topics include issues related to staffing policies, performance management, training and development, compensation, repatriation, labor relations, and potential problems and possible remedies in international human resource management. Prerequisite: IBM3713 International Management


IBM 4715        Designing and Managing Global Operations 3 Credits (3 Credits)

Role played by the operations function in making the strategic decision of where to locate facilities and explore how to coordinate worldwide operations to enhance performance and manage risk, global logistics, production planning, foreign manufacturing systems and quality systems, mathematical and statistical techniques in terms of analyzing the international operations. Prerequisite: MGT3905 Operations Management


IBM 4809        International Business Research (3 Credits)

Methodologies used in international business research, concept of cross-cultural equivalence in conducting comparative and international business research, scale development and assessment, establishment of data equivalence across cultures, measurement invariance, comparability of data collection techniques and various statistical techniques applied in international research. Prerequisites: IBM 3713 International Management AND MGT 3940 Business Research Methodology


IBM 4811        International Strategic Management (3 Credits)

This course is a synthesis of strategic management amidst the phenomena of globalization. It is designed to encourage students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills learned in earlier courses, and it also introduces the critical business skills of understanding and managing strategic issues in international settings. Issues covered include environmental analysis, the challenges and benefits of globalization, the design of global corporate strategies, the system of value creation, and evaluation of corporate strategies. Prerequisites: IBM3713 International Management AND Completion of 118 credits


IBM 4820        International Cooperative Strategies (3 Credits)

The course presents a systematic conceptual framework of international cooperative strategies and managerial skills and competencies necessary to form and manage effective cross-border partnerships. Issues related to various typologies and frameworks for strategic alliances and partner selection, ownership structure decision, design of management control systems, performance assessment, inter-partner fit/trust building, and the evolution and stability of alliances over time are also discussed. Prerequisite: IBM3713 International Management


IBM 4840        Global Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)

This is a study of activities involved in the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption on a global scale. The focus is on what is different about supply chain management in the international setting. The course is designed to develop an understanding of the nature of international problems associated with the procurement, operations management, inventory control, logistics and transportation, distribution, and customer service. Topics also include Internet-enabled supply chains. Prerequisite: IBM 3714 Export- Import Policy and Strategy


IBM 4841        International Services Marketing (3 Credits)

This course aims at providing students with an understanding of services marketing in an international context. Is-

sues related to market orientation, long-term relationship, quality and satisfaction are discussed. Cases in the marketing of services are included to help students gain more insight on the issues and problems arising from services marketing and to practice their problem-solving skills. Prerequisites: MKT 3620 Global Marketing AND Senior Standing


IBM 4843        International Product and Brand Planning (3 Credits)

Process of developing and introducing new products and brands for different culture markets, product line and brand management such as product standardization versus differentiation, brand extensions and dilutions, multiple product life cycles, international product positioning and branding, and their impacts on building brand image. Prerequisites: MKT 3620 Global Marketing and 106 credits


IBM 4921        Individual Research (3 Credits)

This course aims at developing in students the ability to apply a theoretical approach to the real world problems of any organization in a selected industry in Thailand. A specific area of concentration will be chosen by students and upon approval an advisor from the department of IBM will be assigned. Prerequisites: MGT 3940 Business Research; Completion of 118 credits


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