MGT 1101       Introduction to Business (3 Credits)

A general introduction to business, aiming at outlining the philosophy, objectives and responsibility of business enterprises, and familiarizing students with business vocabulary; business and its environment, emphasizing the fundamental principles of organization, legal forms of business ownership, business activities concerning personnel, accounting, marketing, production and finance.


MGT 2404       Managerial Psychology (3 Credits)

A study of the concept and scope of social psychology, basic psychological factors and how they relate to the business organization: a survey of language symbol: perception, memory, emotion, social attitudes, persuasion, social and cultural environment, role and status, personality, leadership, group behavior, morale and the application of these factors in the human relation of business, especially in creation of morale, motivation of workers, and the solution of business and social problems.


MGT 2900       Principles of Management (3 Credits)

The essential principles of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The theory of management as applied to modern corporate structure is discussed. Topics include management policies, departmentalization, centralization and decentralization, line and staff functions, an introduction to human resources management. Prerequisite: MGT 1101 Introduction to Business


MGT 3901       Organization Theory (3 Credits)

This course deals with the theories, practices and problems of organization and its environment, function and structure of authority and responsibility, formal and informal organization and social system, organizational behavior, organizational control, research and development, changing of corporate structure. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3903       Leadership (3 Credits)

This course deals with the types of leadership and recognition of the problems faced by leaders in various working situations, understanding the role of the first-line supervisor and his subordinate, exploration of theories of worker motivation and their application, nature and character of influential leaders. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3905       Operations Management (3 Credits)

The fundamentals of industrial management from the point of view of organization structure, product, product development and research, standardization, plant location and layout, materials handling, machines equipment and maintenance, and the overall operation of production and control. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3907       Business Communication (3 Credits)

This course is designed to train the students to fully understand and effectively use the patterns of communication in business, in both theories and practices of the business professional. The course covers business letters, essays and reporting, memoranda, conversation interviewing, presentation advertising and public relations reading and listening techniques. Also included is a thorough review of Electronic mail, videoconferencing, decision support systems, collaborative writing systems, group scheduling systems and Internet-based communications. Prerequisite: BG2001 English IV


MGT 3915       Project Management (3 Credits)

A study of project planning procedure by considering factors in determining project objectives, setting of work system, allocation of resources, project feasibility analysis, matrix model organization, management techniques and operation procedures in accomplishing goal such as implementation, communication, coordination, controlling and evaluation of the project. Prerequisite: MGT 3905 Operations Management


MGT 3917       Innovation and change Management (3 Credits)

This course deals with the concept of innovation and change management. It views innovation as a management process with external linkages. The role of innovation and how to manage innovation within firms is discussed. It also covers new product and services development as part of innovation. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3918       Sport Management (3 Credits)

Operation of professional sports, collegiate athletics, and recreational organizations and enterprises, basic organizational structures found in the sports industry, managerial concepts and processes, skills that are necessary for the successful administration of these organizations. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3922       Introduction to New Ventures (3 Credits)

This course provides in-depth knowledge about new venture formation, how to launch a new business venture, how to get ideas to reality, and how to develop strategy. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3923       Strategic Human Resources Management (3 Credits)

The study of phases of human resource management: methods, techniques and procedures of the managerial as well as the operational phases of procurement, development, maintenance and utilization of an effective working force. The course covers the raising of greater efficiency and productiveness of human resource through the application of effective policies and practices in selection, training, compensation, promotion and transfer, health and safety provisions, morale building, job stabilization, grievance handling and disciplinary actions, and the human relations aspect of dealing with personnel. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3924       Human Resources Development (3 Credits)

The course deals with the principles of training and development of personnel; types, methods, and contents of training programs; development of the programs; evaluation of training program; behavioral changes, and; training for different levels of personnel and leadership training. Prerequisite: MGT 3923 Strategic Human Resources Management


MGT 3928       Management for Growth and Sustainability (3 Credits)

Concepts of sustainable value to create business sustainability through investment strategies, market insight, operational excellence, sustainable development and sustainability principles which are used as drivers for innovation, collaboration, and transformation. Prerequisite: MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3942       Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)

Elements of individuals and group behaviors in organization for improving effective communications, conflict management, motivation, coordination, dynamics of change, leadership, and stress management. Prerequisites: MGT 2404 Managerial Psychology AND MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 3945       Managerial Decision Modeling (3 Credits)

Application of a quantitative analysis modeling to decision-making in a complex and dynamic business environment for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, managerial decision problems in management, marketing, operations, and finance. Prerequisite: BG 2200 Statistic II


MGT 4501       Wealth Management (3 Credits)

Management of personal investment, financial planning, portfolio management, and property and tax planning for efficient wealth management. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance


MGT 4806       Management Internship (3 Credits) (240 Hours)

Student will be assigned to work in organization in the area of management related projects under the direction of a faculty supervisor. Faculty provides oversight of individual field experience with classroom debriefings and follow-up. Prerequisite: Management Major - Concentration Entrepreneurial Management


MGT 4909       Communication in Management (3 Credits)

The main objective of this course is to apply the general communication concept to business management system by studying of hindrance, communication problems affecting the management process and effectiveness, including approaches to solution of such problems relationship between communication system and other management ingredients such as decision-making, authority, responsibility, delegation, operation of organization, cooperation, coordination and conflicts with organization, including planning and controlling of communication systems for an optimal effectiveness in the management of organization. Prerequisite: MGT2900 Principles of Management


MGT 4910       Productivity and Quality Management (3 Credits)

This course deals with philosophy and principles and practices of productivity and quality management. It also covers many concepts, tools, techniques and systems associated with productivity and quality including quality circle, TQM, ISO, benchmarking and Six Sigma. Prerequisite: MGT 3905 Operations Management


MGT 4911       Seminar in Management (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to integrate experience and knowledge from all areas of management. The approach will be case study analysis and special lectures from guest lecturers from business fields, research and others. Prerequisite: Senior Standing


MGT 4912       Individual Research (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to integrate experience and knowledge from all areas of management. The approach will be case study analysis and special lectures from guest lecturers from business fields, research and others. Prerequisite: Senior Standing (Management Major)


MGT 4916       Negotiation Strategy (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students with principles and practices of both domestic and international negotiation, for example in the fields of political, marketing and financial negotiations. It also includes the impact of verbal and non-verbal communications. It explores the negotiating process, including the development of skills in managing conflict resolutions within an organization, how to manage the negotiating process and how to handle the hard bargainer. Students will participate in several live negotiation case studies. Prerequisites: MGT 2404 Managerial Psychology AND MGT 2900 Principles of Management


MGT 4926       Compensation and Performance Management (3 Credits)

Concepts of compensation management within the wider context of human resource management, reward management process which includes pay survey, job evaluation, and design of pay structure, problems related to performance management system and suggestions for improvement. Prerequisite: MGT 3923 Strategic Human Resources Management


MGT 4927       Human Resources Planning (3 Credits)

Human resources functions, evaluation and identification of human resources requirements for meeting organizational goals. Prerequisite: MGT 3923 Strategic Human Resources Management


MGT 4928       Employment Relations and Labor Law (3 Credits)

Labor relations and collective bargaining which covers both union and management, legal framework, union structure and administration, employer role, union organizing, bargaining issues, negotiation process, grievances and arbitration, and public sector labor relations. Prerequisite: MGT 3923 Strategic Human Resources Management


MGT 4943       Organization Development (3 Credits)

A study of concepts for developing organizations, determining the direction for organization development, stages of organization development work, strategies and tactics of organization, development such as team development, intergroup relationships, goal setting and planning, development of skills and abilities for individual participants, etc.; organization-environment interface, the group-to-group interface, individual and organization interface; problem-solving by means of managerial strategy, the way work is done, new environment strategy, communications and influence patterns; in including the application of organization development principles and concepts in practice which leads to effective cooperation and healthy organization. Prerequisite: MGT 3901 Business Organization AND MGT 3942 Organization Behavior


MGT 4945       Cooperative Education (9 Credits) (720 Hours)

Approval of the cooperative education director and CE advisor. Each student is required to show proof of work as a temporary employee with a private company for one-semester (approximately 4 months). The selected company must be approved by the cooperative education center. After the completion of the 4-month internship, students are required to submit a report on the cooperative education to the CE advisor and attend a seminar for report. Prerequisites: Completion of 109 credits AND Cumulative GPA at least 2.00


MGT 4946       Human Resources Management Internship (3 Credits) (240 Hours)

Student will be assigned to work in organization in the area of human resource management related projects under the supervision of a faculty supervisor. The Department provides oversight of individual field experience with classroom debriefings and follow-up. Prerequisite: Management Major - Concentration Strategic Human Resources Management


MGT 4951       Strategic Management (3 Credits)

Integration of the student's background, experiences, and previous core business curriculum through case studies and business decision simulation exercises; development of an effective conceptual approach to integrating administrative policy, strategies, and decision-making; diagnosis, analysis, and solution of interrelated administrative problems. Prerequisite: FIN 3701 Corporate Finance and Senior Standing


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